Friday, June 28, 2013

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room Answers (Updating as completed)

I just started playing this addictive mystery solving game that just came out on the App Store. I'm sure from the title you can assume what game is it. Since Google will index my blog soon enough I know most of you are here because you are searching for the answers, solutions, walkthrough. It's for iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and costs only $4.99 + additional mystery packs 1 and 2 are $2.99 and $1.99, respectively.

Here are the briefs, you can work backwards from these since you know the story, and the most important parts of the clues. 

Case 1 / Case No. 001
The Hand Sandwich

Zach Carrière is the true culprit. You know this from the start, this is the easiest case. In the middle, Zach will try to trick you by making you think the sandwich and it's ingredients are important. They are not he is the culprit. Most importantly are the tree in the corner which holds the murder weapon, the receipt under the table, and the fried fish on the side. 

Case 2 / Case No. 002
The Bungled Burglary

Goldie Potsby-Mahn is the culprit. Significant clues are that the body has glass on top of it, but the attack was a surprise and the events Goldie says are not in order. While searching for the murder weapon pick the glass instead of the knives. Then choose the clock and the hands and presume they are weapons. Finally, choose that the weapon was made of ice, molded with a paper thrown away in the bathroom, then melted into the pot. 

Case 3 / Case No. 003
A Murder Staged

Gloria Blaise is the culprit, and the evidence is that the blood button is in the trash behind the door, next to the fake gun. The note is planted on her. However, while solving this, assume her fiancé Roscoe Strapping is the culprit. He did in fact inflict her wound, switch the guns, put his greasy/oily/lubricated hand on the wall, and he told Destiny Knox to scream. Bray Clegg was uninvolved. 
Notable objects are the bullet hole in the wall by the photo, most everything else is obvious but the ending and who is truly behind it. 

Case 4 / Case No. 004
The Walking Corpse

Chico Careta committed the murder but was assisted by his fiancé. Relevant clues are that the door hinges are on the outside, and there is a missing screw by Doug outside. However, the killer was inside the entire time. He was hiding in the corner by the posters, and you can tell this by the way the alcohol spilled on the ground. Also relevant are crates A and B because the killer opened them and looked at their contents meaning someone was opening them instead of the statue climbing out. If Mr. Careta could read, then he would have known the correct crate. The corpse walked by using fishing line from the tackle box, strung over the wooden beams in the ceiling by the posters. 

Case 5 / Case No. 005
The DJ's Swansong

Mike de Bonair is the murderer. Originally, it was thought to be Dolly Hollerday with reasonable evidence and the case was closed. However, after reopening the case, it appears there is a discrepancy. The tea cup is not in the recording of  Dwight Dread falling, and additionally it appears to be murder because Dread left a note in his pocket about it all being a practical joke. When searching Anice Brewer it appears to be murder because she wrote a note on her hand about the sale happening after the show. She was not an accomplice because she left all the evidence in plain sight. The final evidence combined is that de Bonair knew that the broken glass was actually a women's perfume bottle, tying up the last knot. The most important clue is the discrepancy- the item is the broken tea glass (NOT the spilled tea), and it isn't heard on the recording of Dread.

Case 6 / Case No. 006
Kiss Goodbye

Case 7 / Case No. 007
The Mystery Rooms

Case 8 / Case No. 008
Ham and Cheese

Case 9 / Case No. 009
Good Cop, Bad Cop