Monday, May 14, 2012


I haven't posted in an eternity.....
Finals are almost finally over so I can finally live my life again.

Other than classes, I've been doing some 3d work in DAZ3D, and also tested out some glitch art.
Here are my results: (You can read how I did it at the bottom of this post)
Original render output from DAZ

 Converted into Microsoft BMP, opened in TextEdit, rearranged code and replaced things, converted back into .png
 Converted to USPEC File

 Converted to 4BC
 Converted to BASCII
 Converted to MCF

How I did it:
-Created a render in DAZ and then rendered it out
-Got ExtraFile program
-Converted my render into crazy file formats
-Converted the files back into .png formats so applications could read them

Leave them in the comments, and I'll gladly answer them!

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