Wednesday, January 18, 2012

abercrombie & thrift

This is a guide on how to shop, and some of my best finds and how much I got them for.
Usually I see people on sites like lookbook, or on tumblr, and they say they thrifted and item, I think to myself, "There isn't anywhere around me that sells items like that! All the stores around here are terrible!"


There are probably thrift stores or consignment stores where you can find items like I have, and maybe even better! All you have to do is look. One mans trash is another man's treasure. And a lot of thrift stores are considered trash, but once you have a look inside, you'll realize that they have better finds than you think.

rule of thumb: only shop when there are really really good sales!
Definition: a store that isn't cheap.

But first, I'll start with something more unexpected in this post.
The fact is, that even at a mall you can find good deals. Maybe not as cheap as the ones listed below, but significantly discounted.
I was looking for dress shoes the other day (which are extremely overpriced if you haven't shopped for them ever), and so I went to a specialty shoe store, Saxon Shoes. They have a "Back Room" that they have shoes for 60-70% off, then there was a sale for an additional 10% off.
I picked up $161 shoes, and I walked out with them for $60.
It was a little bit out of my price range, but I'm sure I'll wear them for a long time because they don't look like they'll go out of style anytime soon.

heres pics.
The brand is Ted Baker.
$60 (Saved $100)

rule of thumb: never pay too much. there are good finds, but don't spend more than you want to. 
Definition: A shop that pays people to give up their clothes, and the shops resell the items.

I got this Ralph Lauren Polo shirt basically because I thought it was cool, and I was preppy at the time. It was cheap, and I thought it was cool at the time.

rule of thumb: look for brands and good patterns. there are diamonds in the rough
Definition: A popular secondhand store, a chain thrift store

The next finds are from Goodwill.
EVERYONE has a goodwill or salvation army near them. If you don't have one of those locally, there is probably a donation based thrift store near you somewhere. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

This rainbow tank was from the women's section. I was looking for a shirt to use to go to a Rave, and I thought it was pretty suitable for the situation. I haven't worn it any other times, but one day very soon..... its coming.

I got this American Eagle shirt just because I recognized it would be a good shirt in my wardrobe


rule of thumb: the best deals are here! you just have to get past the smell, and the idea of secondhand. once you thrift you won't look back!
Definition: (Usually) A hole in the wall place that accepts donations, and makes money by reselling the items. The money usually benefits homeless, or a church.

The items below I found in a thrift store in Fairfax.
It was probably the smelliest, and grossest thrift store I've ever been in, but the cardigan on the left that I found is one of a kind, so I'm glad I went there and stuck it out.
The brand is COLORE, which is Italian, unfortunately I can't find any other clothes they make, so in my book, basically its rare and original. - $5
The denim shirt I picked up on the right is American Eagle, and it was the second denim shirt I bought, and the first one I liked. - $6

I can't remember the name of the store I went to, but nothing was pre-marked with prices. When you got to the check out, the ladies selected the price for what they thought it was worth. I don't really like that way of pricing.... but they were still deals, so I'm still satisfied.

The finds below I found in a thrift store in Fredericksburg.

Everything within the line above and below the lines I got in a bag for $5.

The thrift store had too many clothes in its inventory, so you just got a bag, and fit as many clothes in it as possible, and you just paid $5.
-Gap Cardigan
-Scarf with checker and abstract pattern
-Aberdeen vintage jacket
-René Chagal Silk tie

The final deal I found was a thrift store in downtown Fairfax, Yesterday's Rose.
It was in the women's section, and the length is too short, but I think they're awesome so I'll still wear them.
Vintage Calvin Klein jeans.
Basically they're mom jeans.
They're awesome

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and I'll be sure to answer them. If you have suggestions for anything specific, let me know!

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