Saturday, March 17, 2012

the incredibly boring and bland world of menswear.

I hate menswear.
In the "menswear blogger" sense I hate menswear.
I hate suede saddle shoes.
Personally I think they are hideous, and going out in 1-2 years, with their peak in 2, and their fall the immediate season after.
I hate that there is absolutely no creativity.
The materials are all the same, its always solid color, but *jazz up the tie* or **bowtie** with a *fancy pattern*
If I wanted to dress like that, I'd be just as bland as every other guy, except I'd be wearing a suit each and every day.
When they go shopping do they look for the most expensive, but equally bland clothes?
I don't understand. I just don't.
Why do menswear bloggers care so much about obscure brands....
.....And not for just for something that looks nice?
I hate menswear.
It lacks creativity.
It lacks fun.
You can't have fashion without having some fun!

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