Tuesday, March 6, 2012

graphic design.

Here are the graphic design projects I just completed for my class.
The class I've made known that I despise.
The reasons my designs are circular are because the assignment was to make a patch.

Above is the preliminary test patch, that I made when I was in class, and I wasn't playing Bejeweled.

Above is the final project. I'm turning it in, but technically it's incorrect. I wanted to make something design forward, with a statement, so I made this. When I picked up the lighter, I noticed it said 'Made in China' and since I had incorporated Mandarin into my projects before, I thought it would look good here, but also serve along with the quote, and how the Chinese are taking over industry.

Ugly final patch that I really don't care about. I just recolored the original vectors I traced in Illustrator.

 "Utopian Landscape"
I was supposed to use the whole semester and pick up trash for this project, but I ended up picking up things today, and then making it the day before its due. It looks pretty good considering I did it in a couple hours, and kind of rushed through it.


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