Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i feel as though bloggers transform into what i'm about to say

I feel like all bloggers start to have an aura about themselves that suddenly they create a blog that someone reads, and then they become a therapist for the world, even though the world's life is just as messed up as the author of the blog's is.
I've come to realize that there are some people that just don't understand individuality. They feel like they need to wear a certain type of clothes and be a certain type of person to fit in. They feel as if the "coolest" person takes a picture of them, or with them, their life will magically transform into something it wasn't before. All of a sudden, said person will have lots of friends. And if this said person promotes someone up-and-coming, the up-and-coming artist will be friends with said person, and as the person rises to fame, they won't forget about said person. [I've gotten a little off topic] This person also sees someone being fashionable, and only looks, and thinks they can't pull it off.
The honest truth?
They can't pull it off.
They need confidence to pull it off... and if they only try to be where the trends are currently, they have absolutely none.
Think you're cool?
If you're wearing TOMS, you aren't, and you aren't supporting a good cause, so stop kidding yourself.
Wearing UGGs? Get out.
Don't even say the words NORTH or FACE, let alone together.
American Eagle, Abercrombie or Hollister? You aren't even trying.
Victoria's Secret with PINK on your butt? Really now. REALLY.
Are those Wayfarers? That was 2010's trend. Sunglasses have moved on.
Have a shirt and vest on? LETS BE HONEST NOW. That was never, ever a trend.
Don't even tell people you have a twitter. 2009 had twitter, we have facebook and google now.

Mainstream is so accepted.
Get away from your streamlined education and think for yourself!

Wear what you want, when you want.
Can't afford Chanel? Make it yourself! DIY never hurt anyone!
Become yourself.

I'm so deep and this is only my first day :')

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