Sunday, December 25, 2011

state of fashion 2011//2012

This post is basically a reference for myself, and I hope its completely controversial. Most of the terms I'm going to use are going to be made up basically.

This is going to start a war.
This is my opinion.
This is the State of Fashion 2O11//2O12

     We live in the post hipster era. The term hipster has died, because culture killed it. You're called a "hipster" if you wear anything remotely fashion-forward. Thus, since its become a popular term, the term is dead. When talking about trends and style, whats in and out, I think a season ahead, not the current season, mostly because by the time people end up writing about the current season, its already over. 

Thus, I begin.
Fashion these days is based on Resurrecting the '90s, neopunk, neogrunge, and seapunk. The fashion is mostly punk based, with style focusing on the most hated past trends in the '90s when it was 2005. It might as well be named 2090/punk style for the purposes of this blog post. Icons that come with this is:

  • peace signs
  • rainbows
  • neon pink and blues
  • peace signs
  • eyes
  • pyramids
  • anime intended to be used for ironic purposes
  • pokemon
  • furbys
  • aliens
  • mickey mouse/disney
  • sailor moon
  • cheap denims
  • stars/ galaxies
  • skeletons
  • skulls
  • bones
  • gaming systems, N64, playstation 1
  • skinny jeans
  • large portions of blacks
  • combat boots
  • oxfords
  • round sunglasses
  • spikes on everything
  • more denim
  • a dollop of leopard and animal prints
  • leather jackets
  • american flags
so boys and girls, when you're picking an outfit remember:
  • think neopunk,
  • neogrunge
  • resurrect '90s/ 2090
  • seapunk is dying, but go there for inspiration if you need to
  • all hipsters died in 2011, so you live in the post-hipster era
  • remember all these trends were anti-brand, so only wear a label if you're intending to slander it
  • hair is meant to be spiked, swooped, or dyed, not safely worn
  • if you hate the pattern its perfect
when in doubt:

  • black

are you a girl?

  • we live in 2012 no one cares if you dress like a guy

are you a guy?

  • we live in 2012 no one cares if you have characteristics of womenswear in your outfits

when in doubt:

  • black

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