Sunday, December 4, 2011

next season.

considering all that I've seen, I'm just going to list off things I think will be "IN" during the S/S 2012 season.
-Aztec Patterns

-Any outfit reminiscent of a previous era.
-Scarves/Snoods will still be in, even during the warm weather
-Block Coloring/ Bright colors
-Ugly Patterns
-Minimalist t-shirts
-Shirts with text
-Hand carried bags
-Animal Prints
-Leather Jackets
-Studs and Spikes
-Suede mid-top shoes

Coming In
-Cropped Jeans

Of Course:
-Skinny Jeans
-Flowery patterns
-Bright colors

Things that are "OUT"
Nothing is ever out.
Everyone creates their own style

My biggest pet peeve in fashion is when some fashion forecaster says "Bright colors and flowers will be in this season!" as if its some sort of shocking, groundbreaking statement. Those things have ALWAYS been popular because people can finally come outside and not wear a jacket, and show some colors.

This is just my opinion.

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